Frequently Asked Questions

Comparison of Cameras

There are often questions on how the different cameras measure up against each other, so here is a comparison table of the features of the different type of cameras!

Film Camera Features Summary
Model Film Integrated
Tripod Mount Overlays Ease of Use Specials
120 GCFN
120mm Y NYY Y MediumBlack Corner effects, Panoramic shots, Lens & Filters attachments, Square photo masks
120 GTLR
120mm Y NYY Y MediumBlack Corner effects, Twin Lens Reflex, Square photo masks
35mm N Y Y Y Y EasyBlack Corner effects
35mm Y Y Y Y Y Easy Black Corner effects, Fisheye Lens effects
110 Micro
110 N N N N Y V.EasyPocket Spy Cam, Soft dreamy effects
Superheadz BlackBird Fly 35mm N Y Y Y Y EasyTwin Lens Reflex, 3 Formats of shots
Superheadz Golden Half 35mm N YNY N V.EasyHalf Frame shots (36 roll = 72 shots)
Disderi Robot Cam (3 Lens) 35mm N N N N N V.EasyCaptures 3 shots in 1 frame
Disderi Action 4
(4 Lens)
35mm N N N N N V.EasyCaptures 4 shots in 1 frame

* Note: Hotshoe means that the camera is able to support an external flash attachment

About Sprees

1. What is a Spree?
A spree is a bulk purchase event where we consolidate orders for listed items and make a bulk purchase. We would then redistribute the orders to the respective clients (you!) upon receiving the shipment. This helps YOU save on costs such as shipping and handling. Due to the nature of a spree, we do not stock the items.

2. How to Spree?

If you are interested, read the terms and conditions of the Spree carefully first. Next, make your payment and submit the order form. We would send a confirmation reply once we receive both payment and order form. There would also be updates of your spree after it closes on our site. Email notification would be sent to you once the shipment arrives.

3. What is minimum cap quota?
The spree would close once the minimum cap quota is met. This is the minimum number of orders required for group savings. This number is undisclosed, so please don't ask! Please note that sprees that do not reach minimum cap by closing date will be canceled and full refunds will be given in 3 working days after cancellation notice.

4. What forms of payment are accepted?
We highly recommend payment via POSB / UOB Funds Transfer as it is immediate. Do not use interbank transfer as it takes days to clear and slows down your order processing.

5. Can I make payment when I collect the item?
Due to the nature of the spree, payment must be made before the order will be processed.

6. How long will it take for my items to arrive? 
It depends on when spree closes. Arrival will be fast if all items are available when seller receives the order list of the batch. Batch = your items + other spree-ers' items. From the closing date of the spree, it'll take approximately 2 -3 weeks for you to get your items. We would keep you informed with email updates.

7. How do I get my items?
There are 2 ways to get your items.

A. Meetup Collection. This happens on Saturday, 12:30pm at City Hall MRT. Advance email notifications would be sent to inform you the exact date when your items arrive.  Kindly print the order confirmation as proof for collection. You can ask someone else to collect if can't make it. That's what the confirmation printout is for! Spree-ers who miss the meetup collection will get their items through normal post.

B. Local Post. There are 2 ways, either through normal mail or registered mail. For customers who would like to added security of registered mail, there is an additional charge incurred. Rates are reflected on the order page. Thus, your address is very important if you choose to get your items by post!

8. What should I do if my purchase has not arrived yet?
In the case of registered mail, we will check the status of your parcel with the post office.
For normal mail the only information we can provide is the date your parcel was mailed.

9. What happens to unclaimed items?
If for any reason the spree items remain unclaimed after 1 month, (eg. no address provided, unsuccessful attempts to contact the customer) the items will be auctioned/sold away. No refund will be made.