Superheadz Blackbird Fly (BBF) Spree

Ever wanted a distinctive lomo camera that turns heads? Bored of peering through the viewfinder? The BBF TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) brings back the old school classic of taking photos at waist level. Become the owner of the trendy and fun Blackbird Fly!

Colors available:
Black, Red, White, Orange, Blue, Yellow
Size: 8.0cm x12.0cm x 8.0cm
BlackBird Fly TLR

- Iconic Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) camera
- Take pictures the unconventional way

- Capture more with the 33mm wide angle lens!
- Choose from 3 formats to take varied shots
- Multiple exposures for unique composites
- Perfect for experimental imagery
- Shoots with standard 35mm film
- Be the center of attraction!

Product Description: The Superheadz BlackBird Fly's design is based on the classic TLR body with two lenses on an updated trendy plastic body. Masking allows it to take 3 types of  photos formats for unparalleled experimentation!

Package Includes:  BBF Camera, 2 Lens Masks, 1 Strap, 1 Lens cap, 1 Instruction Manual (English). All units are in original sealed mint condition.



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BlackBird Fly (BBF) TLR

Black | White | Red | Yellow | Orange | Blue

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