Superheadz Golden Half

Why restrict yourself to one photo a frame? Double the fun your fun by taking two shots per frame. Packed into the smallest body for a 35mm camera, the Golden Half is both cute and adorable!

Colors available:
Original, Black Mountain, Zebra, Green Trees, Red Trees, Telepathy
Size: 8.0cm x 8.0cm x 5.4cm
Golden Half

- 72 shots with a 36 roll - Double your shots!
- Tell YOUR story
- Cutest (and smallest) 35mm lomo camera in the world
- Shoots with standard 35mm film
- Bring it everywhere

 Product Description: Great things come in small packages. The Superheadz Golden Half is another enchanting lomo camera that is the smallest 35mm camera in the world.. Great for penny pinching, it  packs in two shots per frame. Sweet little camera, great creative possibilities. Comes with 1 roll of 24 shot film.



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Golden Half

Original | Zebra | Red Trees | Green Trees | Telepathy | Black Mountain

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