Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions are applicable for both In-stock and Spree orders.
Accurate as of : 4th April 2010 
The following Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice

General Terms and Conditions

• Goods sold are non-refundable or exchangeable.

• No payment = No order. Orders will be taken in accordance to time of payment.

• Items are on a first come first served basis.
Whichever customer who makes payment first would be entitled to the item.

• No changes or cancelling of confirmed orders. Refunds will not be made in such cases.

• All items are without warranty.
Wherever possible (unless packaging is sealed), we physically check to ensure that all items are of good, serviceable condition before being shipped out. Customers should get back to us on any problems with the items (wrong shipment, missing items) within 3 calendar days of receipt of item or the transaction would be deemed completed.

• We will not be responsible for any lost/damaged package via postage. Registered mail is the next best option.

• Orders which are out of stock / unable to be fulfilled for whatever reasons would be refunded in full

Additional Terms and Conditions for International Orders

• We are not liable for any lost / damaged items. All items would be shipped through registered mail as added precaution unless specifically directed by customers.

• For wrong shipment of goods / missing items, customer is to revert to us within 7 calender days from receipt of item or transaction is presumed to be completed.

Additional Spree Terms and Conditions
Sprees that do not reach minimum cap by closing date will be canceled and full refunds will be given in 3 working days after cancellation notice.

• We are not liable for any losses except handling and shipping fees if scammed by suppliers.

• All updates can be found at the sidebar of the website. We will inform you via email when the items arrive.

• We are not responsible for any items which the merchant has shipped wrongly or if items are damaged during the shipping process. Hence, collection by mass meetup is encouraged.

• We reserve the rights to cancel sprees with bad response. Full amount will be refunded in such cases.

• Sprees would usually take about 1-2 months. Please join only if you are comfortable with the waiting time.

• All spree items must be claimed within 1 week from arrival. Due to space constraints, unclaimed item/s will be auctioned/sold away. No refund will be made for item/s or late postage.

Please feel free to email us at ttcshop@gmail.com for any enquiry!