Film FAQ - All About Film

Toy cameras like the Holga and Superheadz Blackbird Fly uses film. In the age of digicams, you may be unfamiliar with this thingy called film, so here, we'd give the low down on the different types of film used.

35mm Film

- Most common type of film today
- Widely available
- 36 shots per roll

120mm Film

- Larger format than 35mm
- Able to print larger formats
- 12-16 shots per roll depending on masking size

For use in the following cameras:
Holga 120GCFN
Holga 120GTLR

110 Cartridge Film

- Housed in a plastic cartridge
- Very simple operation
- 24 shots a cartridge

For use in the following cameras:
Holga 110 Micro

Where to develop the film?

Almost all camera shops develop 35mm film. As for the 120 medium format and 110 film, the below is a list of suggested shops to develop your shots. Do drop them a call before you go!


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