The Holga K200NM Fisheye Lens Camera

Colors available:
Black, Blue, Yellow, Red
Size: 13.7cm (L) x 7.5cm (H) x 5.3cm (D)
Holga K200NM Fisheye Lens

- Get everything in one complete package
- Black Corners effect like the Holga 135BC
- Shoots with standard 35mm film
- Multiple exposures overlays for special surprises
- Fisheye effects like the fisheye 2 & more!

Product Description: The Holga K200NM Fisheye Lens camera is THE complete package. Like the Lomo Fisheye 2, it can take photos with the fisheye effect. Wait! There's more. It has the black corner vignetting effect of the Holga, integrated flash and multiple exposure function for every shot. Detach the fisheye lens and it works as a Holga. Everything you'd want.

Package Includes:  Holga K200NM Camera, 1 Strap, 1 Fisheye Lens, 1 Fisheye Viewfinder, 1 Pouch and 1 Instruction Manual (English).

holga k200nm fisheye