Decoding the Holga Model Prefixes

The Holga models use a few prefixes which seem confusing at first glance, so it is useful to have a review all of that mumbo jumbo to see what do they actually mean.
There are 2 basic models, the Holga 120 and Holga 135.

120: this is the standard camera which uses 120mm film
135: this is a version that uses the 35mm film

The type of features in the camera are arranged behind the main numbering as alphabets, so you will always see the model as "120 XXX" or "135 XXX"

S: This is the orignal version of the holga
N: This is the updated basic model without inbuilt flash.
G: Instead of the original plastic lens, you get a glass lens.
F: There is an inbuilt flash in the unit.
C: Unit comes with built in color gel filters (red, blue, yellow, white)
WPC: This is a wide pinhole version of the 120N
TLR: Twin lens reflex body
BC: Black corners on pictures. This is the characteristic vignetting effect by holga cameras.

These various prefixes can be combined to give a model like 120GCFN, which means a standar model that uses 120mm film with glass lens, color gel filters and with built in flash. Simple?

Have fun with your Holgas!