Fundamentals of the Holga

The Holga is a very uncomplicated but also delightful camera to use. In the digital age flush with megapixels, the venerable Holga uses good old fashioned film. Compared to the definitive crisp and cold precision of digital compacts which we are all so used to, the Holga is unpredictable and surprising. Pictures taken are color drenched and oversaturated with the hallmark vignetting around the corners. They possess an edginess about them. Each Holga is slightly different from one another, and each photograph bears a distinctive character of the user - You.

Forget about proper photographic techniques. There is only one rule when taking photos with Holgas - there is no rule. The fundamentals are creativity, whimsical playfulness and a desire to experiment. The delayed gratification of being surprised by the photographs is something that is truly addictive. What are you waiting for?

Get out there and take a few snaps!